Mental Health Awareness Month-May 2021

May is the Month of Mental Health Awareness. The stresses of life can sometimes get to us as we are "only human". Raising kids, stressful jobs, paying bills, and natural disasters all play a part in our mental state of mind. As women, we give so much of ourself and sometimes forget to replenish our minds and our bodies. It is important to adapt some daily rituals into our life that can help relax and destress us. For example, every Friday is my day to do a full body scrub.  I look forward to it, and I also play music in the background. It's about creating an experience!  The  essential oils have mood changing properities and helps to uplife your spirit and give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Slip into that nice silk PJs and the evening is on its way to a good start. Always remember to pamper yourself! "Every Day Is  a Spa Day"